Learning Roblox development

July 3, 2022

My son wants to make his own Roblox game, so I started learning Roblox development.

Roblox already has great tools and infrastructure to create a game. They handle so much for you:

  • 3D game editor
  • Lua-based scripting language
  • Multiplayer-first, managed-server architecture
  • Built-in monetization
  • and much more...

When I actually first started learning it awhile back, the documentation and tutorials were kinda all over the place, but today, Roblox now has some great tutorials and there are good books available, including Coding Roblox Games Made Easy, which is what I've been using.

My son has been helping by making models within Roblox Studio. He recently turned 8 years old and can do this easily.

More to come on our development later.